Training: Willem -Jan Piggen is specialized in the training and education of dressage horses whose owners want the best for their horse. Quality, care and expertise are on the foreground.

In coordination with the owner, we will set up a training program, which depends on the age of a horse, the level of education, the quality of the horse and the wishes of the owner. If the owner wishes to do so, the horses can be presented at shows. Regularly the horses of Willem-Jan will get prepared for, i.e. stallion competitions and performance tests, or the purpose of a possible sale.

The training can include:
  • Training / correction of a horse in close cooperation with the rider so that he/she can train independently after an intensive monitoring
  • Taking-over the training due to holidays, illness or pregnancy of the owner / rider
  • Sale of the horse. A higher placement or a better level of training can make the sale of a horse more lucrative. Furthermore, we have international customers
  • Stallion competitions, Pavo Cup, performance tests and good show results are our specialty and can add value to your breeding

Willem -Jan is always looking for talented young horses for his stable. Special arrangements could been made for talented sport horses and breeding stallions.

Training Location: The training takes place at "Stal Belvedere" in Hoeven. The facility they have are:
  • Large bright boxes with windows, washing areas with hot and cold water, solariums
  • Several fields, stallion fields and paddocks
  • Indoor walker for 4 and 6 horses
  • A covered longeerpiste with Geopath sandy soil.
  • An indoor arena of 75 m x 25 m with Geopath sand bottom.
  • An inside track of 30 x 15 with Geopath sandy soil.
  • A drained outdoor arena of 65 m x 55 m.
  • A fantastic location on the forest Pagnevaart.
Stal Belvedere is also a certified stallion and insemination station.

You are welcome to consult our experts from all over Europe, i.e. sport physicians, farriers, physiotherapists and other specialists to manage your horse perfectly.
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